4 thoughts on “Leaving Facebook

  1. 100% agree with you Chris. I've also been away from FB for a while and deleted the app from my phone. But as much as I want to just delete my account and walk away I can't.

    1) Too many people I know use Facebook Messenger for communication, including my eldest daughter.

    2) I'm part of some Facebook groups for the theatre groups I'm involved with. FB did have a seperate app for groups but they've now got rid of that . This has ended up driving me back to their site, so has been a bit of a backwards step for me.

  2. Always appreciate your perspective Chris. On my job (RP&L) we post quite a bit of information that may be of interest to customers because as you stated, "that's where the people were." For that reason, it's a good platform to post outage, and other information. It can be a double edged sword though.

    1. Thanks, Randy. I don't think there's anything wrong with posting customer info on Facebook, as long as the same information is posted somewhere that doesn't require a Facebook account to track (e.g. the RP&L website). It would be great if that site had an RSS feed for news and outage updates.

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